Bella’s Happy Home

April 6, 2018

Brian Scott recently wrote James Robinson, Humane Society Site Manager, that it has been about a year since his family adopted Bella from the Owensboro Humane Society.  We are all extremely pleased that he reported that they have loved every minute of having her, the most loving dog he has ever had. He noted “From the time she walked in this home she knew she knew it was her home.  She has become my 90lb lap dog and wont leave my side when I’m home.” And, he sent the picture to prove it!

When Brian visited us he was actually interestd in a different dog. But, as fate would have it, “. . . once I seen Bella and found out how long she had been there I knew this beautiful animal needed a forever home.  And that is what she has now a forever home filled with love for this wonderful , loving animal.”

We’re very grateful to Brian and his family for sharing their joy with us and delighted for Bella.

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