July 13, 2018

On Wednesday, 11 July, BB&T personnel toured the Owensboro Humane Society at 3101 West Second Street and delivered supplies to support animal care as well as a generous monetary donation. In kind donations contributed by BB&T Owensboro staff included bottled water in the midst of the city’s water outage, paper towels, canned and dry dog food, canned and dry cat food, treats, and, lest the spirit be ignored, TOYS!

Pictured from the left are Angie Morrison (BB&T), James Robinson (OHS Site Manager), Theresa Daugherty (BB&T), Carmel McLeod (OHS President), Carrie Kuegel (BB&T) holding our newest but as yet unnamed resident, Michelle Morris (BB&T), Andrea Crabtree (BB&T), and Melissa Ralph (BB&T).
Following the presentation, Mr. Robinson showed our generous visitors around the site. All ofour animals will benefit greatly from the thoughtful efforts of our BB&T neighbors. Many, many thanks!

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