Last Chance Kitties


A volunteer with the OWENSBORO HUMANE SOCIETY received a call in earlier this month. Mr. ZELENKA had been court ordered to a nursing home. Who is that is what we asked? Please read..Mr. “Z” was a huge animal lover and he put everything he had into them. If he found a stray he would bring it home and care for it. Our volunteer, CHERYL BARTLETT, said he has a very kind and gentle soul. He has no family of his own. These animals were his family-his reason for living. A lot of people thought he didn’t need to be living like this. No electricity, no running water.

Mr. Z’s family migrated from Bolivia. He joined the U.S. Army and fought in WWII. Mr. Z is 90 years old. When he got out of the army, he graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with an engineering degree. He made his way to Kentucky where he retired and bought property in OHIO County where he has lived for 15 years. This property was his paradise. This is what he chose-maybe the Bolivian way? That day the police came and took him and he was crying for his animals the whole time..his life.

Under these wrenching circumstances the Owensboro Humane Society stepped up and knew that these babies had to be protected. Our representative, CHERYL BARTLETT, assured him she would do everything she could to make sure his 4-legged family members were safe. We have already vetted many kitties and a heartworm positive dog-which didn’t make it (SHADOW) … The pictures below speak volumes. Please help. We really need your help now. We try not to bother our friends but this time we are overwhelmed. This is going to cost literally thousands up front and a lot more to keep them safe until adopted.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. However you feel about these conditions, Mr. Z chose to live in-this is what it is. We cannot collaborate and debate on that. We have 30 + cats that all need complete vetting. Some have eye issues, blind in one eye, URI’s etc… Some are not adoptable but will be placed in nearby barns that our volunteer Cheryl, has helped to secure. WE NEED YOUR HELP. WE HAVE TO GET THEM OUT OF THERE AND SAFE! This is what we do!

“LAST CHANCE” is what we decided to call this endeavor.

This is a huge undertaking for a no-kill charity like us. We can’t do it ourselves and we need your help. All the kitties have been looked after daily and fed at this same location but we are getting ready to start pulling them now. We are lacking in funds but we have to pursue this now and hope you will support us.

We have a game plan in place. This Monday and Tuesday we will bring in many to our low cost spay and neuter clinic to be the first to be completely vetted and accessed by our vet. This first bunch will be adopted through our facility.

The pictures speak for themselves. We haven’t any pictures with the snow but we will be getting updates and letting you know. We have set up a link below that goes to DIRECTLY to our PAYPAL account on our website. PLEASE write that you are giving to the “LAST CHANCE HOARD”. All of this money will be used to vet these animals fully, shelter and adopt these guys. We will not give up until they are ALL safe.

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!!! We are true 501c3 NO-KILL charity for the animals. Please share this and help us share this so we can make this full circle. THANK YOU in ADVANCE for your generous donations thoughts and anything else sent our way to help these 4-legged guys.