Register your dog/cat today!  Space is limited.  Please come down to the Humane Society during normal business hours to sign up your animal.

Cost: (Exact Cash only)


  • Dogs UNDER 45 lbs = $97.00 for spay or neuter
  • Dogs OVER 45 lbs. = $122.00 for spay or neuter
  • Rabies = $10.00
  • “All-in-one” Booster shot Zoetis = $10.00
  • “Heartworm test” = $20.00
  • Flea and Tick – 3-pack = $20.00 all sizes
  • Nail clipping and other services available


  • Kitties = $55.00 for spay or neuter
  • Rabies = $10.00
  • “All-in-one” Booster shot Zoetis = $10.00
  • Leukemia (live) Zoetis = $10.00
  • FIV/LEUKEMIA combo testing = $25.00
  • Flea and tick = 3 pack = $20.00
  • Cardboard carrier = $5.00


  • Boarding the night before or after is $10.00 per night.

Rabies vaccine will be REQUIRED. If your animal has been vaccinated, you MUST bring proof of your animals rabies vaccine at the time you sign up your animal.

Why Spay/Neuter Your Pet, or a Stray?
The most critical issue facing pets and strays in the Owensboro and surrounding areas today is finding enough permanent, loving homes for all of these animals.  Through adoptions and spay/neuter efforts, the Owensboro Humane Society is offering a proactive solution to the pet over-population crisis.

Each year, thousands of cats and dogs are put to sleep at county shelters because of lack of homes.  Add to that total all of the thousands of animals dying on their own because of their harsh environment, lack of food, and other factors.  This problem is out of control, and must be addressed now!

Why Should You Personally?
There are simply not enough homes for all of them.  Without being responsible enough to have your pet spayed.neutered, you are guilty of adding to the over-population that leads to these thousands of deaths each year.  The animals cannot alter themselves but you provide this for them.  You never know if your animal will get loose or jump the fence or become lost.  We hope that would never happen, but this happens too often.  We want to make sure that they cannot reproduce.  Please sign your animal up today!

There Are Advantages To Having your Pet Spayed/Neutered:

  • Spaying your female animals will help them live a longer, healthier life.  It helps to prevent uterine infections, and breast cancer.
  • Neutering your males also have great health benefits.  It helps to prevent testicular cancer.  It also prevents unwanted litters.
  • Neutering your male will help keep him at home.  Intact males will do almost anything to find a mate.
  • Neutering your male will give you a better behaved pet.  They can focus more on their family, then trying to find a mate.  Unneutered pets can become aggressive, and always want to mark their territory by spraying their urine.
  • Spaying/neutering your animal is a lot more cost effective.  The cost of surgery for your animal is a lot less then a litter of babies.
  • Spaying/neutering can help your community, by lowering the number of animals that are on the streets.  These animals can pray on wildlife, cause accidents, harm a child.. the list can go on and on.
  • Spaying/neutering helps fight the everlasting war of over-population.  Thousands of animals are killed each year due to these high numbers of over population.


The great news is that we, the Owensboro Humane Society offers low cost spay/neuter clinics twice each month.  Our operations are performed at our facility, by a highly qualified licensed veterinarian.  There is no transporting of your animal.

If you have any questions about our low cost clinic please call us at 270-302-6813.

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