Success Stories

We love it when one of our animals get adopted, it’s such a wonderful point in their life! We make sure we document their new beginning for them. Thank you for everyone who has opened their hearts and adopted from us! We never know who is happier… the human or animal..? SMILE and read all our happy endings!!

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“Dear Carmel, Ashley & Associates,
The Shih Tzu, which we adopted from your shelter November 19, left the premises as Alec, is now traveling and writing under the nom de plume ‘Petey’. Our new pet has taken warmly to our hospitality to the point he, and we, consider him a member of the family. His appetite he keeps in check, dining on prepared canine fare and the very occasional nutritious treat. Petey was obviously well trained, respecter of housing without mess. He does bark in alarm at unseen presence of visitors but shows a welcome face at our acceptance. He shows affection by attention to both Ann &me, our children, grandchildren and others. He beds with me for naps and night rest without disturbance. He dutifully watches all Notre Dame football games with Ann. Whenever I return from a round of merchant and medical chores he greets me with the most excited demonstration of fondness. Petey has filled a variety of needs in a most compelling manner. He has won us over so completely. We are so grateful for your taking him in and caring for his needs at a crucial time. We will continue to support your services as we are able.”
— Patrick & Ann, November 2010

“Dear Owensboro Humane Society staff and volunteers,

I would again like to thank you so much for the opportunity to have rescued Willow (formerly Sally) the border collie. She continues to impress me with her wonderful, willing attitude and sweet nature. She is one of the most affectionate and social dogs I have ever had the joy of working with. Willow has a very bright future and I have a lot in store for her. We’ve already started obedience and she’s progressing at a fast rate. I’m hoping to get her CGC sometime in 2011 which will open the door for therapy work, agility, competition rally and obedience, and maybe even some herding. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her, dog and human alike. She and Mario, my other border collie, are best of friends and truly enjoy each other’s companionship. She’s a perfect match for Mario and me. Thank you so much for caring for her when her former owner abandoned her and helping to give her another chance at life. “ -Brenda, Mario, and Willow in Missouri, November 2010