Our Promise

The Foundation of Owensboro Humane Society

Please do not confuse us with the Animal Shelter on Highway 81- we are not the same. Owensboro Humane Society is a non-profit organization 501c(3). All donations are TAX-DEDUCTABLE and greatly appreciated. We do not receive any money or funding from the city or state, we are based STRICTLY on donations ONLY.


We Promise Our Animal Friends

We promise to meet your needs and more the best we can.

We promise to give you individual time.

We promise to keep your beds comfy and clean the best of our ability.

We promise you will have food, water, and shelter.

We Promise to try to keep your photos up to date.

We Promise that we always share your photos with our friends and family in hopes they will share with theirs.

We Promise that we will make sure you are going to the proper home.


To us you are not homeless animals.

To us, the Owensboro Humane Society IS your home until we find you the right home of your own.

We want you to have the best in life because MOST of you have already lived through hell.

We only hope that you will be the best fur kid you can be!

Being at volunteer at the Owensboro Humane Society is so rewarding! We don’t get paid in money but we get paid in kisses and purrs and the friendly rubs. We get paid by the look on your face when you see us get out of our cars. We get paid when we see your tails wagging a mile a minute. We get paid when you kitties rush to the door to greet us. We get paid when you are rubbing up against us to show your love and singing us a song with your purrs.

The best pay we get is when we know one of you get a home of your own!!! Not just any home, the pawfect home!

We love you with all our hearts

The Owensboro Humane Society