Adoption Policy & Process

Adoption Requirement

  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must have Photo ID (drivers licenses or state ID)
  • Must have great vet records (if owned previous animals). Bring vet records with you. It helps to speed up the process
  • Must be willing to identify a vet that will be used for the animal before you adopt.
  • Must be willing to microchip .
  • All of our animals are spayed/neutered before adoption. All animals in the home now must be spayed/neutered.
  • Must have great references.
  • Must realize that an animal could live for 10-15 years, are you willing to make that commitment?
  • All adoptions are final (no refunds). If at any time, you cannot keep the animal you MUST bring the animal back to us. You are not allowed to re-home or turn the animal over to anyone else.
  • If you don’t have vet records for previous pets, you must agree to take the adopted animal to your vet within 7 days of adoption for an exam, and fax or mail proof of visit.
  • You will have to sign a legally binding contract including the above stipulations.
  • In most cases you must have a securely fenced yard in order to adopt a large or active dog. This may be waved in the case of an mature or inactive animal.

The Adoption Process

All of the animals that we have were either abandoned, or were surrendered to us in one way or another. We do our best to access the animal’s temperament and see how they react with other animals, as well as with children and adults. Because the Owensboro Humane Society is committed to matching our animals to the best possible forever homes, you should expect your adopting to be a thorough rather than instant process. To assist us and reduce the time involved we strongly encourage you to take advantage of completing as much of the paperwork on-line and certainly by beginning the process by letting us know just what you’re looking for. We suggest starting by completing the following interest form that we will respond to as quickly as possible. Please note that this form is a required part of  the adoption contract.

Adopt a DOG Interest Form

Adopt a CAT Interest Form

Simply click submit at the end of the form and we’ll be back in touch.

You may also want to go ahead and take a look at the legally binding adoption agreement you will ultimately sign.

Adoption Contract

Exhibit “A” to Animal Adoption Contract & Agreement

Adoption Fees

  • Dog Adoption Fee is dependent upon the animal and required medical procedures.

This Includes: Spay/Neuter, Heartworm Test, All Booster Shots, Rabies, De-Flea, & De-Wormed

  • Cat Adoption Fee is typically $100.00 for adult and $120 for Kittens, but may be more depending upon the breed.

This Includes: Spay/Neuter, FeLv & FIV test, All Boosters, Rabies, De-Flea & De-Wormed


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Our adoption application is several pages long. We will interview you to make sure the animal you have chosen is right for your home. Our process is thorough to help ensure the best possible outcome for you, your family, and your new pet.
  • We may require a home check.
  • If you have animals in the home now or previously, please bring a copy of your vet records. This will help to speed up the process of the adoption.
  • You will sign a binding, legal contract enforceable by the courts.
  • If you are interested in one of our animals, please come down to the Humane Society any day between the hours of 11:00am-4:00pm. To help make best use of your time we encourage you call before your visit so that we can share information about any animal you’re interested in or the adoption process, and to make sure our very limited staff will be available. Please call 270-302-6813 or email