Every year we insulate all the kennels with greenhouse heavy duty plastic panels. It usually lasts 3-4 years before we have to replace it. We cut it to the kennel’s size, and use zip ties to strap it to the kennel poles for the duration of the winter. This keeps the doggies warm and they can still see out of their kennels. 

 This, with their doghouses and plenty of straw (cleaned and replaced daily) is what keeps the wind and bitter cold off the doggies until adopted. Our small and elderly dogs get the inside kennels but we only have limited indoor kennels for all of them. There are 13 total outdoor kennels. The 9 on the Panelsside of the barn are on a incline run and much longer then the ones shown. They will take more panels. We are also in need of 6 more heated dog bowls. Every year there are at least a half dozen heated water bowls that never turn back on again. Welcome to life at the Humane Society!

The cost of plastic panels have skyrocketed this year to where we cannot afford it. It has almost doubled compared to when we bought them last in 2010, and we just don’t have that kind of money. We have called Lowes (only store that distributes people these particular kind of panels) and have had some sponsors for some of these panels but it isn’t nearly enough. The panels are $33 each – GASP! Thankfully, with a discount and a generous sponsor we were able to secure these at $25 each. With the amount of straw for the next 5 months and all the panels we are needing . . . the total needed is close to $5,000.00. UGH! We have to have this friends – for the dogs. We can’t do this alone. Please help us to help them.

We are hoping you can “SPONSOR -A-PANEL” to keep these doggies warm this winter and for the next several winters.

Please help!
$25.00 = 1 panel
$75.00 = 3 panels (1 full side of a kennel)
$100.00 = 3 panels + straw for the winter

Please help us. We do not have this type of money and had to take credit to get these. We have already put the panels up on the kennels getting ready for a cold snap. We had to. Please help us help them. We rely on you to make us better and can’t do it with out you. For all of our out of town supporters-it really gets bitter cold in Kentucky. Last year it was so cold we had to board them for over a week at 2 different times. Very unusual winter. Even with all the insulation it was just too cold. It was a very bad winter. Please help us keep them warm.

We are counting on you to help-anything will do. You may go to our PayPal account. Just punch the donate button. Make sure you write for “Sponsor-a-panel” on your donation. Or, come visit the facility and see for yourself, or send your donation to:

Owensboro Humane Society
3101 W. 2nd Street
Owensboro, Kentucky 42301


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