September 1, 2016

Brothers BRICK and BRONSON have a forever home!

adoptionBRICK and BRONSON are two beautiful brothers we rescued from Edmonton County Kill shelter well over a year ago. Since then that same facility has been shut down for neglect and a host of other problems. If you can imagine the circumstances that these two doggies were in and on death’s door there. Our board was so grateful we could take them that day and many more since then!

When we received BRICK and BRONSON, no vetting had been received and they were very thin. Both brothers are now completely vetted and up to date on everything. BRICK and BRONSON have been waiting for well over a year for that home, but it is extremely hard to find that perfect home when you need to adopt both together! We set our bar high for adopters and we think all animals are worth that!

Many good people came in to inquire but only wanted one of the brothers or didn’t have a fenced in yard, etc. We knew it would take a while to find a home for these two because two big dogs with all the qualifications is a tall order! But, then it happened..

An email came through about an inquiry for Brick and Bronson from the NELSON family in Indiana. As the Humane Society started to converse back and forth about the two dogs, we found out that the NELSON’S had just lost the love of their life, DANNY. DANNY was their beloved dog that recently passed from a fast growing cancer. They didn’t see it coming and were grief stricken over the loss of DANNY. That sudden feeling of loss is overwhelming.

BRICK and BRONSON lured LISA NELSON to inquire about them. They were splitting images of DANNY on the internet. After sending us perfect vet records, they set up the date to come and visit the two brothers, BRICK and BRONSON. It was a hit and the two boys and the NELSONS loved each other immediately!. We were all so excited they were finally getting the perfect home forever. This makes it all worth it!

Since then, we received wonderful, happy pictures of the brothers at their new home with LISA and DAVE NELSON. One of the oictures is of everyone playing down by their lake where LISA NELSON wrote, “Happiness is having two amazing dogs to love”.  They absolutely adore them and that makes us so happy! We want to share this with you. We hope you enjoy them.

From being at death’s door almost two years ago to a forever paradise with a mommy and daddy that love them both. They now have a lake, inside quarters, their own beds and a huge warm home with tons of love and adoring eyes. They are home. YAY! Thank you so much LISA and DAVE NELSON!


Please come see all of our wonderful kitties and doggies we have that need homes today! We are open 7 days a week!

Where else?
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LOW-COST SPAY AND NEUTER!!! Don’t miss it!!

August 10, 2016

HURRY IN AND SIGN UP! ALL doggie and kitties! AUG. 31ST & Sept. 1st! LIMITED SEATING on BOTH DAYS! Bring health and happiness for your pet/stray for years! Spaying and neutering prevent many fatal diseases! Be responsible-stop overpopulating!!! AUGUST 31st and SEPTEMBER 1st!!!! Must sign up and pre-pay ! Limited seating! Doggies UNDER 45 lbs […]

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Dangerous Heat!!

June 20, 2016

HEY EVERYBODY! We want to remind you, the heat in KENTUCKY and INDIANA is going to be soaring so high this next week. It will be awful for ALL animals. TRY to bring them indoors and provide LOTS AND LOTS of cool water! Yes keep it cold-with some ice if possible, as much as you […]

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LOW COST SPAY AND NEUTER!!! Don’t miss it!!

May 30, 2016

HURRY IN AND SIGN UP! ALL doggie and kitties! JUNE 14th and 15th! NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Bring health and happiness for your pet/stray for years! Spaying and neutering prevents many fatal diseases! … Be responsible-stop overpopulating!!! JUNE 14th and 15th! Must sign up and pre-pay. Doggies UNDER 45 lbs = $97.00 for spay or neuter […]

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May 16, 2016

YOU CAN AFFORD IT NOW!!!! $20.00 for 3-month supply any size doggie! $15.00 for 3 month supply for kitties!… WE HAVE EVERY SIZE AND LOTS of them! SAFEGUARD all your pets and strays and yourself! Flea and tick of every size dog and cat for a nominal donation until we run out! VETRI-SCIENCE is Frontline […]

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